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Building a curator strategy for retailers requires considering the business model and the onboarding process to build and scale a network. Here are some steps that retailers can take to build a successful curator strategy:


  1. Identify the business model: Retailers need to determine the type of curation they want to offer, such as product curation, styling, or trend forecasting. This will help them identify the types of curators they need to onboard and the services they will offer to customers.

  2. Develop a curation criteria: Retailers should develop a set of criteria for selecting curators. This could include factors such as a curator's industry experience, their social media following, and their ability to identify trends and customer preferences.

  3. Onboard curators: Once a set of criteria has been developed, retailers can begin the process of onboarding curators. This could include training on the platform, available data and sales tools.

  4. Scale the network: Retailers should establish a plan to scale the network of curators. This could include recruiting curators from different regions, or partnering with experts in different niches. Before you scale, do pilots with different type of curators to make sure that there is a value to everyone 

  5. Evaluate performance: Retailers should establish metrics to evaluate the performance of the network and curators. These metrics could include sales, customer satisfaction, and the number of collections curated. Retailers can use this data to identify which curators are performing well and which ones may need additional support.

  6. Provide ongoing support: With shopIN platform, Retailers should provide ongoing support to curators, such as access to data, marketing tools, and training. This will help curators stay up-to-date with the latest trends and customer preferences and improve their ability to curate products that customers will want to buy.

  7. Communication: Retailers should establish a communication channel between curators and the internal teams, allowing curators to share feedback and suggestions and the internal teams to share updates and new information

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