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Welcome to the heart of our journey.

As passionate entrepreneurs with years of collective experience in e-commerce, we intimately understand the boundless creativity and transformative opportunities that come with selling online. However, we also recognize the daunting challenges of navigating the complexities and time constraints inherent in starting and monetizing such ventures.

Driven by our vision to provide access to global markets and empower individuals worldwide, we birthed the shopIN platform as an opening gate to an expansive catalog of products and endless opportunities.

With you in mind, we've created a vast playground where collaboration with brands is encouraged. Here, we embrace innovative business models that prioritize mutual success! It's a space where every partnership is a win-win!

Your focus is on what you excel at and inspiring your audience, while we take care of the rest. Providing an enduring partnership that supports and nurtures your growth towards success.

Together, let's sculpt a future where dreams are not just envisioned but realized. Welcome to a world of endless possibilities, where your passion meets purpose, and together, we soar to greater heights.

Natural Light Portrait
Image by Kateryna Hliznitsova

Maya Komerov

Founder, CEO.

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