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We are excited to build the future of retail while making people happy 


ShopIn is a technology company that empowers retailers to create, build and manage their open commerce strategies.


Open Commerce evolution is a win-win situation for everyone involved and is exclusive to established brands, as traditional e-commerce platforms like Shopify cannot offer it.


Open commerce provides retailers, associates, and curators with new ways to build brand relationships and sell products to customers. 

ShopIn's platform is intuitive,secure, and scalable, allowing retailers to offer everyone the ability to create their own storefronts featuring products they love. Additionally, the platform offers a range of innovative sales and marketing tools powered by generative AI, helping to grow their business.

Making the retailer's supply chain and merchandising accessible to internal associates and curators will make e-commerce simple and create new opportunities. 


ShopIN has adapted its business model from the principles of open source and open banking, and aims to lead the open commerce movement. 


ShopIN collaborates with retailers worldwide to lead the next technological and data evolution in commerce.


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