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Create an authentic and diverse experience for your customers that fits their lifestyle

Retailers can make it simple for everyone to curate and sell their products. Make your merchandising accessible will allow you to make it personalized in a way that fits the lifestyle of the customers.


Breaking the boundaries 


We work together to build a network of external associates everywhere, to achieve more sales with 

  • Unlimited budget 

  • Unlimited diverse curations 

  • Unlimited baskets 


Connect you more meaningfully with customers

With data and advanced supply chain capabilities, you have the opportunity to expand sales in a whole new way. 

When retailers empower curators to sell their products, it’s a win-win-win for the retailers, the curator and the customer. 
A survey conducted by Boston Consulting Group found that nearly three-quarters of consumers said they would be more likely to buy a product if it was recommended by a trusted expert. This supports the idea that partnerships with curators can help retailers create a growth engine by increasing sales and customer satisfaction.
Also, a study published in the Journal of Business Research found that customers were more satisfied with their shopping experience when curators select products.

Start your open commerce strategy today… 

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