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The Next Evolution in Retail

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What is o-commerce?

An open source strategy that allows retailers to open their merchandising for exponential sales.

Anybody can join the network, build their own curations from the merchandise, onboard their own customers and promote products that they love.

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O-commerce Empowers
Everyone to Build an E-commerce Business

Give curators and affiliates a new way to make money, allow them to launch a no-code store, get free access to merchandise and share on social platforms.


Curators monetize on sales while retailers get a new sales and marketing channel.

This is why O-commerce is exponential.

The shopIN Platform  


Open your merchandising to be available to everyone so they can sell it their way. Our technology syncs with your e-commerce environment. 

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Curators enjoy various tools to build their storefront using endless templates, and your available merchandising. Curators can build their own sites and/or build their shops on social platforms, track performance and payments, marketing campaigns, and more. 

Network effect

Your merchandising is available in endless curations and endless platforms in an authentic way and driven by the creativity of everyone in your network. 

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Order fulfillment

This is your big opportunity - using your fulfillment infrastructure to fulfill orders by a network of curators and delivering fast to the customers. Utilize your supply chain to sell exponentially. Optimize with our data. 

Who can join your network?

The Next Evolution is Here


From limited sales associates and costly influencers



Endless Curators


From endless merchandising 


Creatively Curated Merchandising


From limited curations 



Endless Curations


From e-commerce closed networks 



Open Networks

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Empower curators to use your platform

More People Are Selling More Of Your Products 

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Welcome to Open Commerce 

We empower your associates and curators with New Ways to build brand relationships and sell more to your customers

Open Commerce Benefits:

  • Your own sales & marketing network, featuring empowered people who curate and sell products that better fit the needs of your customers

  • Infrastructure of your company is not effected


Design a frictionless sales experience 

shopIN’s social marketing tools enable curators to promote their collections, cultivate followers and chat with customers to grow sales.

Deep marketing engagement with no cost to you. 

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Empower your curators & customers everywhere

The curator’s collections inspire your shoppers In store and online. 

They put together products that customers might not find by themselves 

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Retailers - don’t fall behind: Open your merchandise to curators!


The Creator Economy
What makes content creators tick?

Partner with us Learn more on building your sales network

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