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About Us

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shopIN is pioneering a new category in retail and redefining e-commerce by giving everyone the ability to become curators. shopIN was founded during COVID-19, with the core mission of supporting local stores in NYC while enabling New Yorkers to shop for everything they need in just one basket.

With more than 100K products and 9 categories in the platform’s inventory, we analyzed data from all the different baskets and found that everyone is ‘a curator’.

We saw that people were creating baskets composed of unique combinations of products that had never been seen before.

We also found that everyone has personal curators in their life. They are not ‘world influencers’, but instead people they know and trust; a friend, daughter or cousin.


Why so? Because we experience higher authenticity from people we actually know and trust.

We believe that the world of commerce will be much more powerful and profitable if we democratize it, allowing consumers to curate and sell products that they love.


We call it O-commerce (Open Commerce).


shopIN is in collaboration with big retailers worldwide to lead the next technological and data evolution in retail and commerce. We are building technology that will make it possible and simple for everyone to take part in the O-commerce revolution. 

Meet The Team

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